Friends of the Old Town Hall


FOTH seeks to protect and promote the former Town Hall and Courthouse, Waingate, Sheffield and support its restoration and re-use for the benefit of the City of Sheffield, its people and the wider community; and to support the sensitive regeneration of the historic assets which surround it.


We will work with Sheffield City Council and with other organisations sharing our aims and objectives to


*promote and investigate potential new uses for the OTH


*encourage appropriate restoration, maintenance and use of the OTH


*research sources of funding that would support suitable restoration and re-use of the building and the heritage buildings around it


*research potential organisational options for managing the restoration and re-use of the building


*publicise the OTH to spread awareness of its condition and attract support for its restoration and re-use.


FOTH consists of volunteers and membership is open to anyone supporting the aims and objectives set out above.




5 thoughts on “Friends of the Old Town Hall”

  1. Dear Bishops House Historian. I’m an Arts Producer and keen to work with you on a project that will help bring further awareness of Sheffield Old Town Hall and help to secure it’s future. I’d love to discuss further with you. Best wishes, Julia


  2. Hello, I’m a master interior design student at Sheffield Hallam University and currently I’m researching on creating new use for vacant historic building. I find that the old town hall is quite suitable for my research and I would like to study more about this building. Could you please advise me where to find the latest architectural drawing of the building?
    Thank you,


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