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Message from Our Chair

Damaged area 1The Friends of the Old Town Hall welcome the appointment of local agent Fernie and Greaves who are marketing the Old Town Hall on behalf of the owners. Local agents will have a better idea than a London agent of the possibilities for regeneration in Sheffield, and they are saying useful things about the need for a sympathetic developer who will recognise the quality of the building. The new price of £1.25m is an improvement on the £2m being asked for it only last week; but it still seems high given the extent of the damage caused by long neglect. But maybe we are on the way to being able to stop the rot in this wonderful building. The Friends are grateful to the many hundreds of people who signed our petition and helped in other ways to raise awareness of its plight. We are sure it has all contributed to the start if a more realistic approach. We shall be watching developments with great interest – and very closely.

workplace for many of the Shakespeare Club members